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Automatic Double Face Labelling Machine

Automatic front/back face labeling machines are suitable for labelling of elliptical, flat faced, round, conical, hexagonal or square shaped bottles, jars, containers in food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, detergents fields.

Technical Specifications
System: Automatic, Linear

Construction: All visible parts AISI 304 Stainless

Conveyor: 82mm PVC conveyor belt,~ 2.500 mm

Conveyor Height: Standard 1000 mm (±50 mm)

Sample Bottle: Glass, Plastic, PET, PE or Metal

Bottle Diameter: 20 mm-130 mm

Module: 2 piece (right & left side)

Module Speed: 30 m/min

Module Control:  SERVO Motor

Label: Self Adhesive (sticker)

Label Height: 20mm-150 mm or 20mm-230 mm

Label Roll In Diameter: 74 mm

Label Roll Out Diameter: 300 mm (Max)

Electrical Requirements: Monophase, 380V, 50Hz

Energy Consumption: 1,7 kW

Air Requirements: 6-8 bar presured air

Air Consumption: 300 Lt/min.

Dimensions (W*L*H): 1.700-3.000-1.650 mm

Machine Weight: ~350 kg

AISI 304 SS Electrical Panel

renu brand touchscreen LCD Operator Panel

Bottle distance adjusted without level speed controlled

Infinitely speed and width adjustable packaging trimmer

Infinitely speed adjustable top printing tape

Infinitely speed adjustable oval printing tape

Modules could work on three axes: X, Y, Z

Single module operation

Easy service and maintenance

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