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Automatic Wrap-around Labelling Machine

Automatic wrap-around labeling machine is suitable for partial or full wrap-around labeling of round, conical, hexagonal or square shaped bottles, jars, containers. The conveyor band, product spacing device and wrap-around belt are driven by independant motors for high speed and good labeling precision.

Technical Specifications

System : Automatic, Linear

Construction : Anodized aluminum and AISI 304 Stainless

Conveyor : ~2.000mm, 82mm PVC conveyor belt

Conveyor Height: Standard 1000 mm (±50 mm)

Sample Bottle : Glass, Plastic, PET, PE or Metal

Bottle Diameter : 20 mm-130 mm

Module : 1 piece (right side)

Module Speed : 30 m/min

Module Control : SERVO Motor

Label : Self Adhesive (sticker)

Label Height : 10mm-150mm or 10mm-230mm

Label Roll inner Diameter : 74 mm

Label Roll outer Diameter : 300 mm (Max)

Electrical Requirements: Monophase, 220V, 50Hz

Energy Consumption : 0,7 kW

Air Requirements : 6-8 bar (if needed)

Dimensions (W x L x H) : 1.200-2.200-1.200mm

Machine Weight : ~250 kg

Capacity: 100-150 Bpm (changeable with label size)

Renu brand touchscreen LCD Operator Panel

Bottle distance adjusted without level speed controlled

Modules could work on three axes: X, Y, Z

Easy service and maintenance

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