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Industrial Mixers


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Industrial Mixers

  • Can be designed many kinds of process vessels, mixers, reactors and tanks to meet the special needs of many industries (chemical, cosmetic, food).
  • Can be designed with high or low speed motor driven, with reducers depending on the mixing action with disperser, emulsifier, homogenizer or anchor type agitator systems.
  • Can be designed with either single jacket or multiple jackets depending on mixing process.
  • The materials used for parts coming into contact with the product are stainless steel of 304, 316 or 316 L quality.
  • Jackets can be designed for heating-cooling with water, steam, heat transfer fluids or electric heaters.
  • Supplied with leg support, wheeled, load-cell mounted or shell mounted brackets.
  • Supplied with in any required sizes and tonnages for any required mixing and storage action.
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