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Ink-Jet Printing Machine


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Ink-Jet Printing Machine

Z5700 combines the technological excellence of CIJ product range and the ergonomical innovation to optimise productivity. Like all of the Zanasi product offerings, it is equipped with a robust and compact AISI 304 stainless steel IP65 cabinet, specifically designed to offer a total protection against water, steam and dust. The system, which is certified by external tests (EN60529), shows a strong resistance and constant performances even in harsh environments, characterized by high humidity and condensation.


  • Up to 5 lines of print
  • Characters height from 0,8 to 14 mm (0,032” – 0,56”)
  • Line speed capability: up to 400 mt/min (1320ft/min)
  • Print rate: up to 2136ct/sec
  • Messages and logos storage: up to 4 GB with expandable micro SD memory
  • Up to 6800 stroke per message
  • Available fonts: 5×4, 5×5, 7×4, 7×5, 9×7, 10×8, 16×10, 24×16, 32×18 and Windows True Type
  • Space between characters is freely selectable
  • Print intensity is freely selectable
  • Rapid images, shapes and lines creation from touch-screen display
  • Automatic date, time, offsets and expiry date multifunction
  • Print throw distance up to 90 mm –3,54” (single line from minimum 3 mm – 0,118”)



  • 10,1” TFT full color anti-reflection high contrast LED touch-screen
  • Stainless steel structure AISI 304
  • IP65 rating (plant air required)
  • Conduit length: 2 mt – 6,56 ft (4 mt – 13,1 ft optional)



  • Stainless steel and aluminium structure hermetically sealed
  • Micro Print Nozzle for high quality resolution print (optional)
  • Auto-phasing of ink stream for consistent print quality
  • Microjet nozzle cleaning function
  • Wide range of standard, pigmented, food, BIOdegradable and MEK-free inks
  • Conduit inlet at 90° (optional)
  • Internal Supply Positive Air Function
  • 90° model for reduced spaces (optional)
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